Pie For The People! - Tour

Pie For The People! Festival Booth
The road, the grand adventure, sweet chaos… from whence we come. This company began as a dream of mobile pie, and the mobile experience is our life-blood. Over years of traveling and serving pie, from coast to coast, we have inked our name amongst a few truly nationwide mobile pizzeria experiences. Dreams realized around a campfire in the deep woods of Washington State ultimately evolved into a thriving year-round business. To date, we have participated in over 500 events around the country; every conceivable event, such as: The Lunar Eclipse, music festivals, unveiling of Virgin Galactic, Motorcycle Rallies, Protests, Wild-fires, film shoots, and sports tournies… Pie for the People! has been there, never cutting corners and serving fresh hand-tossed slices till the sun rises, and sets and then rises again! It takes a rugged perseverance to sustain this type of business, and we’re proud to be the ones lucky enough to try. A continuing legacy that is Pie for the People!