About Pie For The People!


Pie For The People! is a pizzeria that offers authentic and delicous New York pizza to the Joshua Tree, CA area. We combine the finest New York tradition with the freshness and soul of Cascadia. We took our pizza on the road, feeding music festival - goers up and down the West Coast across deserts, coasts, mountains, and valleys.

Our Pie For The People!

Our fresh and natural ingredients have always provided the kind of nourishment that only comes from food that's made from scratch with love. Now it's easy to catch up with us for our authentic, hand-tossed, and stone-fired pizza pie. In the environment of festivals, concerts, sporting events, markets etc.

Our Mission

We are a truly authentic, Mobile New York Pizzeria where each pie is hand-tossed made with our own freshly-made dough and baked in real stone deck pizza ovens, with attention to detail and tradition, combined with a steadfast dedication to true culinary and sensory exploration! We are a part of this community in which we travel and serve.